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Apply for a CARB scholarship

Thank you for applying to our scholarship program.

6-week program: 

July 29th - September 2nd 2023


1. West End, Brisbane

9am-10am Saturdays

2. Zest Infusion, Birkdale, Brisbane

11am-12pm Saturdays

Price: $320 

CARB's mission is to spread awareness on evidence-based tools and strategies that can support building habits that improve health, wellbeing, confidence and resilience for young people. Classes are designed to be relaxed, fun and engaging, whilst building new skills!

Key program themes:

  • Building Mental Skills

Fostering a growth mindset

Tools in our mental toolkit and how to use them

Confidence and resilience can be strengthened over time with practise

  • How to face fears and build confidence

  • Strategies to calm the mind and body

  • Healthy habits for a healthy mind

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